Senior Product Marketing Manager


Senior Product Marketing Manager

Motivosity is a high growth software company located in the heart of Utah’s Silicon Slopes. Our employee engagement product is changing the culture in offices across all industries and we are having an awesome time making that happen! A big part of our 2022 plan revolves around an impactful product marketer.  

We think that life at work can and should be just as meaningful and satisfying as your personal life - if that resonates and you’ve got a successful background in product marketing, we hope you’ll read on! 

A little bit about your background: you have 3-99 years of B2B, SaaS experience, including a few years as an actual product marketer. We want someone who can bring evidence that they’ve helped craft a compelling story for a brand, carried a cohesive message through the customer journey and grown within an industry. If you happen to have worked within the HR industry that would be awesome, but it’s definitely not a deal breaker. 

Now, we’re about to list a whole bunch of “requirements”, but even if you don’t check all the boxes, you should still apply! Being excited, exciting and energetic is more important than having the perfect qualifications.

Some of what you’ll do: 
  • Be the world’s best team player with the product, marketing, sales and customer success teams at Motivosity.

  • Develop the product marketing role within our crew while keeping the energy and tone of the Motivosity brand voice.

  • Plan GTM activities and ensure internal teams are aligned on key milestones and messages.

  • Capture customer stories and incorporate them into all elements of our message. I mean like...everyone in the world should have heard a Motivosity story by the time you’re done with them!

  • Understand ideal customer profiles and educate internal counterparts on how to successfully approach various target customer groups. 

  • Influence content in all sales stages (long form, blogs, webinars, sales collateral) based on market research.

  • Provide competitive intel and market landscape feedback to influence roadmap, features, integrations, demand, etc. 

  • Add an Analyst Relations element to the team - build strong relationships with key 3rd parties in the HR and employee engagement related industries. 

  • Support product marketing associated efforts for all stages of the product life cycle.

What you need to be successful:
  • At Motivosity, we call ourselves ‘MVers’ (pronounced Movers). Remember the “excitement and energy” from earlier in the job description? That’s arguably the most important part of being successful on our team. 

  • The ability to successfully connect, communicate, and collaborate with a wonderful group of team members.

  • Enough time as a marketer so that you can contribute quickly without needing someone to outline a “to do” list.

  • A meaningful set of experiences specific to product marketing. Even if you’re not the most senior product marketer, you know where to focus your efforts. 

  • You’ll be working in B2B SaaS and focused on the HR market...so clearly any exposure there will give you an advantage in the interview process. 

  • College Education/Degree - not required if you’re awesome. But also college can’t hurt, right? Business, marketing, psychology...all good exposure, but not “a must”. 

  • Normal stuff in a job description: spelling, talking, writing, googling. 

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