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Customer Success Manager (SMB)

What Motivosity Does and Why You’ll Love Working With Us

At Motivosity, we believe that life at work can and should be just as meaningful, satisfying, and enjoyable as life outside of the office. Our goal is to help people be happier at work, build amazing company cultures, and focus on all things employee experience! Did you just get chills? Then keep on reading!

What You’ll Be Doing

Role Summary:
As a SMB Customer Success Manager, you’ll be part CSM, part marketer, part business analyst, part program manager.  This role allows you to work with many different clients at once.

The primary focus of this role is to build strong client relationships, proactively identify and mitigate risk, create and promote advocates, and approach our customer base from a place of scale.

Secondarily, CSMs are ideally skilled at identifying opportunities for growth and skilled at working closely and collaboratively with Sales to expand Motivosity’s presence in their portfolio of customers.

You know you’re succeeding when your customers are growing and your contacts are wanting to send you a copy of their homemade chocolate chip cookie recipe. Because, who doesn’t like chocolate chip cookies?

  • Be a Customer Hero:
    • You need to have a passion for building strong personal/professional relationships with customers. Make lasting human connections with these customers. Make them feel special and connect with them!
    • You will want skill or an interest in developing a skill for working with customers through the appropriate process.  As our SMB CSM you’ll be working with many customers at once, but making each one feel their individual needs are understood.
  • Read between the lines:
    • You should be able to use data and communication to identify when a customer:
      • Is a raving Motivosity fan- how can their success help serve other customers?
      • Has some risk- is there a potential for a customer to cancel?  If so, what approach can we take to make sure they are getting/realizing value?
    • Do this by asking direct questions
  • Communicate at Scale
    • In this role, you’ll be working with many of our smaller customers.  It is important to identify customer trends and keep customers engaged at scale. 

Core Competencies:
  • Emotional Intelligence: The capacity to be aware of, control, and express one's emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically.
  • Core Skills: Empathic, self awareness, strong social skills, self-regulating
  • Teamwork: Working together (both internally and with customers) to foster a collaborative environment where people actively share information, rely on each other's expertise, deliver on commitments, and trust one another.   
  • Growth & Opportunity Mindset: Seeing challenges as an opportunity.  Enthusiasm for learning and propelling the business forward.
  • Core Skills: Fosters Open Communicator; Accountable; Ability to be coached & developed and vice versa; Influencer
  • Customer Focus: Responding to customer needs in a manner that provides added value and is focused on customer success and satisfaction.
  • Core Skills: Expectation Management; Problem Solver; Results Oriented; Strong Product Knowledge
  • Entrepreneurship: The ability to develop, organize, and manage your "business" with passion, drive, and creativity.
  • Core Skills: Continuous Learning; Strategic Agility; Professionalism / Executive Presence; Vision & Action
  • Speak Up! Our ideal candidate challenges the way processes work. Being innovative and challenging the status quo helps us come up with new solutions. Push the limits on what we can or should be doing and be creative with how you interact with customers.  

Work Environment:

At Motivosity, our core values are (1) Stay Young, (2) Serve Others, and (3) Love What You Do.  We believe in hiring the most awesome people and treating them right. 

Get in on all the awesome at Motivosity
  • Competitive salary and 401k 
  • 100% paid HSA Medical
  • Unlimited Paid time off and flexible work schedules 
  • Onsite Gym  
  • Provide Macbook Air
  • Flexibility with remote work

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